Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome to the Menunkatuck Osprey camera blog


We've started this blog to document the activity at the Osprey nest where we installed a video camera. The platform is in the West River Memorial Park near the Barnard Nature Center in New Haven.

The camera was installed in February and March 2016 just in time for the March 26 return of the Osprey pair that has nested on the platform for several years.

The volunteers after the installation of the video camera.
The camera is powered by a solar panel with battery backup. A wireless connection to the Nature Center gets the video signal to the Internet.

Funding for Menunkatuck's Osprey camera were provided by a grant from the Watershed Fund and by contributions from our members and friends.

Thanks for the cooperation of the New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation, and Trees, the New Haven Board of Education, Barnard Nature Center, and Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School.

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