Friday, April 1, 2016

Prove you're a good provider!

One of the ways that an Osprey pair strengthens its bond is the male going fishing for the female. When the female wants a fish she will start calling -  cheep, cheep, cheep - ever more frantically if the male doesn't fast leave enough. Eventually the male will go off, catch a fish, and return, and as he comes into his mate's view she will again start calling - cheep, cheep, cheep. After he lands on the nest, she will continue to call until he gives up the fish and she eats.

The female Osprey seems pleased with the fish that her mate brought back to the nest.
By bringing his mate fish the male is also demonstrating that he will be a good provider for the chicks when they hatch and need ever increasing amounts of fish as they grow. If the nest is successful three chicks can eat up to 60 pounds a day before they fledge.

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